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Q Bic Living

Living is anything but Qbic ( Cubic: having equal sides) and this what this blog is all about. To balance out all the ends and sides in an attempt to put it into little cubes of our own experiences, thoughts and ideas. Life is all about those little moments, the sweet smell of victory, the sadness of loss and the flavour of sweat..Yet we all have somethings to tell to this world.. to express it all for we are humans and words are a powerful reflections of us...

We invite you to fill in this blog with beautiful coloured cubes by sending us your story at

Some Suggestions from our young brigade  - YSF to get you started...

“Been there, done it all” We have secured our fellowships, done our specialization and now are ready to impart the knowledge. Each one of us has a beautiful story to tell our younger generation of how to go about specialized training. On our training voyage around the world we have come across many people and centres of excellence, amassed lot of experience and knowledge in dealing with people and applying for fellowships. Each one of us should write a story of their life starting from passing their postgraduate exam and hitting that dream fellowship. We should give out the tips and tricks of the trade, let them know the current green pastures and also help them choose their branch by giving our experience of our chosen Orthopaedic speciality.

“The audience loves you”- You have been the one doing power point presentations all around the globe. You have attended international conferences and heard the best Orthopaedic lectures. Let the trainees and the younger generation know what makes an impressive presentation. How to develop confidence in public speaking, what should be the font size and background colour of the slides ? Give a short account of your First podium presentation and what it felt like speaking in front of the immensely learned audience!

“Child is the father of man”- The future of Indian Orthopaedics depends on what we feed our young generation. CT scan and MRIs are dominating in efforts to come to a diagnosis but a good clinical examination remains quintessential. For postgraduates, be it M.S, DNB, D.Ortho, CPS, everybody in their run up to the exam is hunting for case taking proformas. All who have recently finished their examinations and have done all the hunting, compiled all points collected for different books can upload their pattern and sequence of examination of Hip, knee, spine , elbow etc.. This will benefit the trainees and save a lot of their time. You can also share anecdotes of your final exam day and relevant information if any.