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SICOT INDIA has been formed to provide a platform for  orthopaedic surgeons from INDIAN subcontinent to forge new relationships, provide mentoring, encourage innovative thinking to cross newer boundaries & reach new heights.It aims to serve members, patients and the profession by promoting advances in orthopaedics through mutual collaboration, research & Education.



    I.                     Education: Provide opportunities for young surgeons to learn those aspects of orthopedic practice specific to 
us, and to promote educational opportunities for our peers and future surgeons.


   II.                   Research and Optimal Patient Care: Provide opportunities to explore the dynamic field of orthopedics focused on the needs of young surgeons and patients.


   III.                 Advocacy and Health Policy: Represent the interests of the young surgeon and their patients. Educate the national and international body and public of the concerns specific to all surgeons.


   IV.                 Member Services: Develop methods of providing services needed by the young surgeon and endeavor to include all surgeons from the region under the umbrella of the organisation.


"To be the most relevant source of knowledge, leadership and comradeship for the orthopaedic surgeons of Indian subcontinent "


SICOT Functionaries guiding SICOT INDIA


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