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 Dear Indian members of SICOT,

With respect and enthusiasm, we are witnessing the increasing activity of SICOT members among Indian orthopaedic surgeons. The new leaders of the Indian section of SICOT, Ashok Johari, as the National Delegate, with Mandeep Dhillon and Anil Jain joining him in his duties, are all three to be commended for the enormous step forward that the Indian SICOT family has taken in the last few months. To respond to the increasing workload due to the many new activities, the establishment of a larger, structured organising body with different responsibilities might be helpful.

Today, Indian doctors represent not only the largest group in our membership but also in the number of abstracts submitted for our annual scientific meetings. This reflects the enormous scientific potential of the Indian orthopaedic community and should also be represented in the different committees and working groups of SICOT. The younger doctors should be represented in the Young Surgeons Committee (YSC) and the senior doctors in the newly created subspecialty groups or in the already existing committees.

The increasing influence of India in the SICOT family is also visible in the important functions that Indian SICOT members have been elected for:

•     Shamuganathan Rajasekaran is our Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee.

•     Ashok Johari is the Chairman of the Education Committee, Sanjiv Marya of the Knee Subspecialty Group and Shamuganathan Rajasekaran of the Spine Subspecialty Group.

In 2013, India will host the 34th SICOT Orthopaedic World Conference in Hyderabad. We are very confident that, with Ashok Johari as President of the meeting and a strong and dedicated organising committee, we will witness a highly outstanding and memorable event.

SICOT is proud and thankful to have such a strong membership in India and wish the Indian section great success.

Vivat, cesciat, floreat SICOT in India.

 Prof. Dr. Jochen Eulert

Em. Chair of Orthopaedics

University Wuerzburg

Secretary General SICOT