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   The aim of Orthopaedic Education and Training should be to produce a competent orthopaedic surgeon with adequate knowledge and skills to be able to deal with the common spectrum of orthopaedic disorders in practice. It should also be able to arouse enough curiosity and thirst to continue his education lifelong and to excel in his chosen field.


     What are then the road blocks in Education and Training and why is it that a large majority of fresh orthopaedic surgeons feel poorly equipped? Have the conscientious teachers given a thought?


     The usual reason is that the teachers do not care whether the trainee has a good training. If they would really care, they would do the following:


1.  Structure the training program as per the requirements of the curriculum and

     time of training.

2.  Periodic reviews based on the structured program. This is in terms of

      knowledge and skills.

3.  Ensure protected time for reading for each trainee as the structured pattern

      unfolds. Currently the trainee is given a long leave to study at the end of the


4.  Obtain and give feedback on training from or to the trainee in order to cover

      the lacunae still remaining in training.


I would say that the foundations of a good training rest on sincerity and diligence of both the trainer and the trainee.

Dr. Ashok Johari