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Connecting the dots:


Connecting the dots web page has been envisioned to provide a platform for collaborations on various research, educational and other aspects of orthopedics.

Some of the current projects where there is need and scope for collaboration include:


India Joint Registry Project: Indian joint registry project is an online registry projects and encourages the surgeons from Indian subcontinent to enter their joint replacement data. They can access their own data at any time with a brief analysis. At the same time a brief real time analysis of all the data ( without any surgeon details) is also accessible. At the end of year a detailed analysis will be published that can reflect the trend, survivorship and demographics of people undergoing joint replacement. Surgeons can visit the website for further details


Rapid Prototyping & orthopedics: The production of a copy of the fracture or a deformity in a bone with a complex geometry can be one of the important applications of the integration between two modern computer-based technologies, reverse engineering (RE) and rapid prototyping (RP)


Joint Replacement specific for Indian population:


Trauma Registry & survey:


GIS mapping of trauma Cases: